Library ConsultingBooks For Libraries is pleased to offer consulting services to help your school get their library up and running fast and efficiently.

Having been involved with emerging libraries for over 35 years, James Stitzinger has had wide experience as a developer of libraries, library collections, and buildings. He has provided consultation services for academic and special libraries in the areas of collection development, computer automation and other technologies, library building design, library staffing, budgeting issues, and library appraisals.

James Stitzinger has worked with many schools in the accreditation process, providing guidance to library committees, deans, presidents, and boards in the areas of opening day strategies and requirements, short and long term goals, financial and resource planning, appraisals of existing holdings and potential acquisitions, and “how to get started” in a new day of special needs and emerging technologies.

Books for Libraries, Inc., offers assistance in library building design, specializing in space allocation and adjacencies, technology infrastructure, creature comfort issues, furniture design, layout, and other specific requirements. We work directly with architects, engineers, interior designers, library equipment vendors and library technology providers.

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