Welcome to Books for Libraries, Inc., where for 38 years hundreds of satisfied libraries have increased their book holdings and found quality used library shelving at excellent prices. Books for Libraries, Inc is an unique company. We specialize in providing opening day collections for emerging schools, subject specific collections for developing libraries, and high quality steel library shelving in any quantity or configuration. We also offer consultation services for academic libraries in collection development, library appraisals, automation and other technologies, and library building design and layout.

All of our shelving units are the standard cantilever type and were recently removed from major university libraries that were building substantial additions and simply wanting to upgrade or change colors. Brands include Wilsonstack (M.J. Industries), Library Bureau, Ames, Estey, and others.

We have been able to save many libraries thousands of dollars on their shelving needs and have been involved in creating or enriching the holdings of hundreds of libraries in America and in many countries worldwide. We would like to assist you!

If you have any questions or specific needs or if you like what you see, call us toll free at 800.321.5596 or e-mail us at jim@booksforlibraries.com.